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How do you choose schools to visit for your outreach programs?

Ans. We are invited by schools who have heard about us. Recommend us to your school or organization now!

Are your school visits free?

Ans. Absolutely! Applicants must however, be aware that we operate within a given budget every year. I¬nforming us early enough will help us plan better and include you on our visits.

How do I contribute or help?

Ancestor project needs a lot of help to get maximum impact. You can help us through any or all of the following means :

  1. Spreads the word about Ancestor Project and spread and share our art.
  2.  Contribute to the dialogue: Do you have suggestions and different opinions about the issues addressed by our work and art? Tell us about it.
  3. Research: Are you involved in any research in African History, African Culture and heritage, African art, philosophy or symbolism? Share your knowledge with us.
  4. Lend us your skill: Are you an artist? Do you create media content? Let’s create together!
  5. DONATE.
    a. Money; No amount is too small.
    b.Books: Help us set a library for young visitors.
    c. Tools, studio equipment and materials
    d. Food
How long is Nkyinkyim installation going to take?

The Nkyimkyim installation is in its third year (August 2016) with a count of over one thousand three hundred heads. The projects we hope to create about 11111 sculpture in the next seven years.

How long is the project going to take?

Various art projects under the mother project have their own timelines. Some projects my take days or weeks while others may take months or even years. For example the Nkyinkyim art installation is estimated to create over eleven thousand sculptures within 10 years.

How is the project funded?

The project is funded through the sales of artworks and services provided by start-up company Osramba and also by the generous contributions from donors.

Is Nkyinkyim not over generalizing Africa?

No, because the history, culture and tradition of the African people are fluid and precedes the drawing of colonial boundaries that created the countries we see in Africa today.

Is Nkyinkyim a slavery monument?

The Nkyinkyim monument will have a special section dedicated to the trans-Atlantic Slave trade, however the whole monument is not going to be about the enslavement of Africans but rather about the beautiful heritage of the African continent.

What is Nkyinkyim installation?

Nkyinkyim is an ongoing art installation/monument created by Ghanaian artist Kwame Akoto-Bamfo which seeks to use mostly sculptures to tell the story of African heritage.

Is Ancestor Project about Slavery and slave trade?

No, Ancestor Project is about empowerment and the beauty of African heritage. Ancestor is also about African history and culture of which the events of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade is a part of.

What is really Ancestor Project?

Ancestor project is a collection of art projects put together by a group of artist to help educate people about African history and culture.

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