March 8, 2019 0 comment

How do I contribute or help?

Ancestor project needs a lot of help to get maximum impact. You can help us through any or all of the following means :

  1. Spreads the word about Ancestor Project and spread and share our art.
  2.  Contribute to the dialogue: Do you have suggestions and different opinions about the issues addressed by our work and art? Tell us about it.
  3. Research: Are you involved in any research in African History, African Culture and heritage, African art, philosophy or symbolism? Share your knowledge with us.
  4. Lend us your skill: Are you an artist? Do you create media content? Let’s create together!
  5. DONATE.
    a. Money; No amount is too small.
    b.Books: Help us set a library for young visitors.
    c. Tools, studio equipment and materials
    d. Food